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Kathmandurichard cliff

Kathmandu is a capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu valley comprises three ancient cities of Kathmandu, Patan & Bhaktapur situated in hilly region of Nepal. The three cities house seven UNESCO world Heritage shrines which are together listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site (Culture).Kathmandu  is a city of artistic temples and magnificent art- full of cultural and specially traditional Newari culture & foods is our another attraction. Nepal is a natural beauty of Himalayas including Highest peak Mt Everest, Birth place of Lord Buddha.


Birendra Shrestha, The Head Chef of Kathmandu Kitchen joined us since April 2014, is a highly qualified chef representing the ethnic group of Kathmandu valley renowned as “Newari Culture”. Mr Shrestha used to work at the 5***** Everest Hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal before coming to Ireland for more than 10 years. He came to Ireland in the year 2001 where he worked in Several Nepalese & Indian Restaurant as a Head Chef before joining Kathmandu Kitchen. His experience has allowed him to obtain and refine his ability to conjure up innovative Nepalese and Indian food that are simply delectable. Mr Shrestha is quite popular & the best Chef in Nepalese & Indian community in Ireland.

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